Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is typically used as a marinade for meats, as well as topping for grilled dishes. Originating in Argentina, this sauce has gained fame as a healthy way to add flavors to meats. As it is very easy to prepare and can be made at low cost, it has gained popularity across the world.

Before you begin making your Chimichurri sauce, you will want to make certain that you are well prepared. While preparation is simple, having your ingredients ready will cut down on the chance of error and let you finish your sauce quickly.

The Ingredients:

Olive Oil



Basil, Thyme, Oregano or any combination of the three



Shallots or Onions (or both)





There is no advanced preparation required to make Chimichurri sauce. This sauce must set for two hours after completion.

Time to Make: 10 Minutes.

The simplicity of Chimichurri sauce has a great deal to do with how successful it is. Combine the ingredients and allow to set. The majority of the make time is due to chopping the herbs, shallots and garlic.


The beauty of Chimichurri sauce is that you can modify the recipe as you see fit. If you prefer the flavor of garlic, you can add as much garlic to taste as you like. For those who are just beginning to learn how to cook, Chimichurri sauce is a good way to learn about the relationships of herbs and spices. Many recipes for Chimichurri sauce are basic guidelines to help you achieve the original flavor of Argentinian food. The presence of tomatoes, onions and other spices are dependent on who has made it at any given time. Olive oil is the base for this recipe and is always included.


The origins of Chimichurri sauce are under dispute, though it is accepted that the unusual name is a reference to whoever created it. The most popular version of the story is that the creator was a man from Ireland named Jimmy McCurry. As the name was difficult for natives to pronounce, the sauce acquired the name of Chimichurri. There are several other men also thought responsible for the creation of Chimichurri sauce, including James C. Hurray and Jimmy Curry.

Influences on Chimichurri Sauce:

Like many other dishes, Chimichurri sauce has influences from several places in the world. However, it is most commonly linked to Spain and Italy, as the common elements in Chimichurri are often used in these two countries. Chimichurri also shares characteristics of Genoese pesto and French persillade.