Garlic Sauce Recipe

A Garlic sauce recipe is a very common component of many recipes in cuisines across the world. As garlic is an extremely common ingredient with a strong flavor, it is often used to accompany dishes that have a strong flavor, such as tomato sauces, fish and mushrooms. If used correctly, it can also have a mild undertone, allowing it to be used with more subtle dishes including chicken and cream sauces. How a garlic sauce recipe is prepared and used can affect how strong of a flavor it has, which adds to its standing as a versatile component of many recipes.

Basic Ingredients for Garlic Cream Sauce Recipes


Onion, finely chopped

Garlic, crushed

Dry White Wine

Salt and Pepper




Basic Ingredients for dipping Garlic Sauce Recipes



Vegetable Oil

Lemon juice


Basic Ingredients for red Garlic Sauce Recipes






Salt and Pepper to Taste

Red Pepper, finely chopped

Bay Leaf

Notes on Ingredients:

What type of ingredients you use in your garlic sauce recipe is dependent on how strong of a flavor you need. Dried garlic tends to have a stronger flavor, available in both powdered and chopped formats. Fresh garlic has a stronger nose, although it can have a milder flavor depending on how it is used. If you only have one type of ingredient available, you can add your spices to taste, although this will affect the amounts used in your garlic sauce recipe.


All ingredients should be prepared prior to cooking your garlic sauce recipe. This will allow you to blend your ingredients in order without scorching any dairy products you may be using or overcooking your garlic.

Mixing Instructions for Dipping Sauces:

A garlic sauce recipe for dipping sauces can typically be made by simply combining ingredients in a bowl and mixing. This is used primarily when the ingredients are dried and do not require cooking. If you have a recipe that can be combined in a bowl and you want to substitute dried garlic for fresh, you will need to cook the garlic to unlock many of its flavors. This should be done in advanced in a liquid that complements the dipping sauce. In many causes, this will either be oil or water. While butter can be used, it tends to solidify when cooled.


The standard garlic sauce recipe is often used as a topping for dishes such as chicken, shrimp, pasta and fish. Dipping sauces can be for vegetables or meats, depending on the accent ingredients in the sauce.