Lemon Sauce

Lemon sauce is often used to spice salad, chicken, fish and other seafoods, as the tart flavor enhances and compliments the natural taste of these foods. There are several ways to make lemon sauce, including oil based and butter based sauces. Oil based lemon sauce tends to find a home as a marinade for grilled meat, while butter lemon sauce tends to be used as a dipping sauce for shrimp or as a topping for salmon and other fish.

Basic Ingredients for Lemon Sauce:

Butter or Oil / Vinegar


Optional Ingredients for Lemon Sauce:







White or Black Pepper


Notes on Ingredients:

Spices are best when fresh. While dried garlic, onion and ginger can be used, cooking these and adding them to your lemon sauce will provide a more full flavor than dried ingredients.

Preparation (Oil):

Oil based lemon sauce is among the easiest types to make. Simply combine oil, vinegar and lemon and refrigerate. Some oils do not refrigerate as well, so make certain you either cut the oil with vinegar or be careful in your selection of oils to prevent the oil from congealing.

Preparation (Butter):

Butter based lemon sauce requires that it be made when it is going to be used. As butter will solidify in the refrigerator, using the sauce while fresh will help maintain the flavor. Simply melt your butter, add the lemon and other spices, simmer for a short time and use the sauce. Typically, the lemon sauce will be made last, so it is fresh and ready for use.


Lemon sauce is commonly used as either a dipping sauce, salad dressing or topping on many foods. For salads, lemon sauce is best served tossed, so that the sauce can lightly coat the leaves. As this style of dressing tends to be moderately thin, it is also ideal in a cooking spray bottle.

Dipping sauces should be used immediately, as the butter that is in most of them will solidify given time. Whatever sauce that is left should be disposed of immediately. Unused portions may be refrigerated, but will require warming and remixing to recombine the ingredients. It is often suggested that these type of dipping sauces be disposed of and made again, as the flavor is altered once it has been refrigerated.

When lemon sauce is used as a topping, it is best served immediately.

In the case where you are using lemon sauce as a marinade, all unused sauce should be disposed of.