Pizza Sauce

Homemade pizza sauce is one of the best ways that you can impress family and friends. As pizza is commonly eaten at social gatherings, you can stand out from the normal crowd by preparing your own pizza sauce and pizzas from scratch.




Parmesan cheese


Honey (Optional)

Anchovy paste (Optional)





Ground black pepper

Cayenne pepper

Red pepper flakes


Note about the Ingredients:

Pizza sauce is the base of a good pizza. It can dramatically alter the flavor of the pizza, and add unique characteristics. When you are selecting your ingredients, keep your thoughts on the style of pizza you want. The more simplistic a pizza, the less ingredients you will want to use. Many ingredients beyond the tomatoes and water are optional and are dependent on your taste. You can simply boil down tomatoes into a thick pizza sauce and use this if you desire.

Preparation: 20 to 30 minutes

All ingredients should be cleaned, chopped and prepared in advance.

Cook time: Varied, 30 minutes to 3+ hours

Like spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce can be quick or take hours to complete. Cooking time can be as low as 30 minutes if you use tomato paste rather than fresh tomatoes. If you use fresh tomatoes, except your cooking time to last in excess of three hours, as you will need to simmer your tomatoes into a thick paste before you can finish your pizza sauce.


Pizza sauce did not come into existence until roughly the year 1889, when the first traditional pizza was made for royalty in Italy. Prior to this, brushed oil was used over rounds of bread, rather than a tomato based pizza sauce. Enamored with the peasant Italian fare, Queen Margherita of Italy hired a bread chef to make her these bread rounds in her palace. In order to honor the Queen, Rafaelle Esposito used tomato, along with cheese and basil, to make the first modern pizza.

As Queen Margherita was well known for visiting with the commoner population, her favored pizza of tomato pizza sauce, cheese and basil quickly spread. With time, it has evolved into one of the most commonly eaten foods, second only to the hamburger. Now, the most commonly eaten pizza is tomato sauce with cheese and pepperoni, which is a favorite among younger audiences.

Traditional Italian pizza sauce is a well guarded secret at the varying pizza parlors, as the sauce is often considered a foundation for the rest of the pizza.