Recipe For Alfredo Sauce

A good recipe for Alfredo sauce can be easy to find, difficult to make. Unlike many recipes, Alfredo sauce requires a careful hand, a lot of attention, and fine level of detail. Variances in temperature and the balance of ingredients are all vital to ensuring that you make the sauce correctly. As Alfredo is easily ruined, you will want to make certain you are well prepared before you make a recipe for Alfredo sauce.

Basic ingredients for Alfredo Sauce:

Heavy Cream


White Salt



Parmesan Cheese

Preparation Instructions:

Have all of your ingredients prepared prior to turning on your stove. Once you heat your cream, butter and cheese, you will not be able to turn away to chop parsley or any other additions you may have to your recipe for Alfredo sauce. Trying to prepare ingredients while your sauce is cooking is one of the primary causes of ruin for Alfredo sauce.

Cooking Instructions:

While each specific recipe for Alfredo sauce is different, one thing tends to remain the same. Alfredo sauce is usually cooked at a low temperature and simmered. This is due to the fact that cream will curdle or separate if exposed to high levels of heat. This is another common cause for Alfredo sauce coming out clumpy. If you cook your Alfredo at too high of a heat, your cream will separate. However, if you cook it at too low of a heat, your cheese will not melt or blend properly. You must achieve a balance. This usually takes several tries to get correct, so be prepared to have enough ingredients to try a second batch, should you make errors on the first.

When you go to add your cheese, make certain that you do so while the cream is off of the heat. This little trick will help your cheese melt evenly through the cream and allow you to finish your sauce without incident.

As Alfredo sauce tends to be served with pasta, you should make certain that your water for the pasta is at a boil and your pasta is ready to be put in the pot. This will help you make certain your pasta and sauce are finished at the same time. It is suggested that you add the pasta to your boiling water at least ten minutes before your recipe for Alfredo sauce states your sauce will be finished.

Alfredo sauce can be stored in the refrigerator or frozen. If freezing, allow space for the sauce to expand.