Sauce Recipes

There are hundreds of sauce recipes from around the world that you can easily make in your own home. As many different types of sauces are considered difficult to make, you can impress your family and friends through one of many sauce recipes to accompany your meals. However, as sauces can be difficult, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First, whatever sauce recipes you use should match the dishes you are planning to serve. Simply having the ability to make exotic sauces should not be the reason that you make them. You should consider the flavors of the dishes you are cooking and select a sauce that suits the entire meal. For example, creamy rich sauces should not be paired with dishes that have subtle or light flavors. The rich cream and cheeses in these types of sauce will overwhelm the flavors so that you only taste the sauce and not the food it is matched with. Alfredo sauce is a good example of a rich sauce that can easily overwhelm subtle flavors. On the other hand, a light juice sauce does not pair well with strong tasting meats as the meat will overwhelm the sauce. The key is to find balance where neither the sauce or the dish overwhelm one another. This will be a skill you develop the more often that you cook. Many sauce recipes will suggest dishes the sauce partners well with.

Before you cook any sauce recipes, you will want to make certain you have all of the ingredients for the recipe cleaned and prepared to cook according to the instructions. Having your vegetables, meat and spices cleaned and cut can help prevent many problems most people have with sauce recipes as it takes away distractions. As timing is crucial in many sauce recipes, having everything prepared and neatly laid out nearby can ensure you do not make mistakes.

It is very important that you do not embellish your sauce recipes until you understand how the flavors of herbs combine when heated. Once you have made a particular sauce several times and understand how the spices affect the flavor, you can add or modify spices as you see fit. Careful modification of spice recipes can turn classics into something unique to your cooking style.

Many sauce recipes can be stored through canning. If you plan to can your sauces, make certain that you sterilize your jars and store the sauces in the freezer so they do not go bad. Unlike store bought sauces, homemade sauces lack in preservatives in many cases and are unsuitable for being stored in your cupboard.