Stir Fry Sauce

Stir fry sauce is commonly used in households across the world. There are hundreds of different varieties of stir fry, which are used in many different cuisines. The most common types of stir fry stem from Chinese cuisines, which many of the recipes and base ingredients reflect.



Brown sugar

Fresh ginger root

Garlic, minced

Ground red pepper

Soy sauce

Cider vinegar

Chicken or beef broth

Dry sherry


Tabasco (Optional)

Note on Ingredients:

You may use more or less ingredients dependent on whether you're making Chinese style stir fry or if you're making a North American stir fry. North American stir fry will use less in the way of Soy Sauce and use spicier ingredients.

Preparation: 5 to 10 minutes

Cook Time: None

Stir fry sauce should be combined cold, mixing well to ensure all ingredients are evenly distributed through the sauce. You do not want to cook the sauce in advance, as it will be cooked when you prepare the actual stir fry. Cooking the stir fry sauce may cause your stir fry to burnt.

When you are making stir fry sauce, you should keep several things in mind. Almost every type of stir fry is different. There are sweet stir fry blends, such as Chinese teriyaki and spicy blends, such as what you can expect from a jambalaya. The ingredients you select should reflect the style of stir fry you want. If you're after a spicy stir fry, you will want to use less in the way of sugars and more in the way of peppers, cumin and similar spices. Sweeter stir fry sauce will use more brown sugar, and will often contain soy sauce as a base.


Stir Fry originates in China. Due to the lack of fuels and the use of quick cooking foods, the technique both caters to the type of ingredients the Chinese had available to them as well as to the lack of resources for heating food. There are two distinct styles of Chinese stir fry, including the Bao technique and the Chao technique. Many Western stir fry recipes are adaptations of the Bao technique, which involves a constant mixing of meat and vegetables in a liquid broth, where the Chao technique uses dry spices and is more difficult to master.

It is unknown how long stir fry sauce has been in use, although it is thought to be one of the original cooking methods of the Chinese.